Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Middleburn RS8 X-type cranks with Uno chainring

Middleburn RS8 cranks
I've always wanted some Middleburn cranks, but wanting to stay up-to-date, I didn't want to get the square taper variety. Luckily for me Middleburn have recently released X-type cranks and almost immediately after hearing about them I'd ordered them over the phone from the helpful chaps at Freeborn.

  • Drove 2 hours to pick them up
  • Drove 2 and half hours home
  • Cracked them out of the box
  • Whipped my old 2003 XT cranks off
  • Grabbed my 32t Blackspire chainring from my old set and fitted them to the RS8s
  • Cleared up the bottom bracket shell
  • Installed a black Chris King bottom bracket
  • Installed the cranks
  • Tightened the self-extracting bolt too tightly and snapped it and nearly cried


So back on the phone to Freeborn, ordered a new set of bolts and they also informed that the new RS8 Uno chain rings are available. Ordered one of those too, in 36t.

Ordered the Park tools that I needed to remove the self extracting bolt and to replace the spider and then waited for there delivery. Took a while but was worth the wait.

Tools needed to remove spider on RS8 X-type cranks

Park BBT-18 – this is used to remove the spider
This tool is simple to use. Slot it onto the spider on the back of the cranks, grab a massive spanner, think it could be 36 – 40 [I used an adjustable] and then un-tighten. Cover the spider in a cloth and gently bash it off.  Place the new spider in its place and tighten. Use a little bit of grease too people.

Park SPA-6 – this is used to remove the self extracting bolts
Tip: You don’t need to have the pins go into the self extracting bolt holes. They just need a little bit of purchase – that’s it. Place the pins over the holes, gently turn the tool and the bolt will come apart. unscrew all the way and hey presto you’re done.