Monday, 23 January 2012

4km extra a week

Maidenhead to Windsor and back half marathon
Here it is, the first half marathon of 2012 for me. After the ankle trouble I was a little hesitant, but thought it important to try and get back into the 'grind' of training as quickly as I could. Apart from the usual muscle aches and trying to manage my pace, it went very well.

I now need to start running an extra 4km a week to ramp up towards marathon distance. I've got 6 weeks left, so to go from 21km to 25 to 29 to 33 to 37 and then with a week to rest and to build energy reserves, to then hit the marathon a week later.

So long as I have no other injuries or troubles, I should be set for a 3:30 - 4:00 time. I did want to head towards 03:00, but it's clear I haven't the time to get that sort of training in. I'll be happy to finish it and set myself another challenge to beat it another day.

Other training thoughts (mainly shopping):

  • Need a new pair of trainers (same as current pair)
  • Test out drinking and eating on the run (find out what energy drinks and bars are being offered in Rome)
  • Buy a new set of elastic laces
  • Decide on what I'm going to where
  • New sunglasses or new nose piece
  • New running cap