Friday, 13 January 2012

Those who do sports

There's something quite different about those who partake in sports. Well maybe there is.

There's a bond that can transcend gender, ability and sport; it's knowing that someone else is going through the same feelings or experiences that you have. For most people ins ports at some point you will have shared a bond with someone else. Maybe on a jog around the block, a marathon or whilst our on your bike on a Sunday afternoon.

I love this bond and I automatically associate myself with someone else trying to better themselves in their chosen sport. I will them to succeed.

And this in turn encourages me. My competitive edge makes me want to better myself to try and beat them and for them to challenge me, my loyal side wants to support them and offer advice to see them better themselves and my fun side wants new play mates, because after all sports are fun.

Others have probably written books on this feeling and shared bond, and I'm sure I have nothing to add, other than to say that I've felt this bond, I know and embrace it and it betters me in my training and personal outlook too.