Thursday, 18 October 2012

Breakfast of champions

80% of potential weight loss is your diet

The rest is the production of muscle to increase your metabolic rate and burn whatever it is that you eat. Pretty simple I guess.

I read in an Outdoor Fitness article recently about a good breakfast. They couldn't find one off the shelf, but they did have a suggestion of making your own breakfasts. Here's the meal that they suggested.

It's light enough for before a workout, but flexible enough that you can add more for a post-workout meal.


  • Oats 56g
  • Whey protein 15g
  • Chia seeds 3g
  • Flax seeds 3g
  • Almonds 3g
  • Cocoa nibs 2g
  • Dried blueberries 8g
  • Honey 8g
  • Cinnamon 1g
The above equates to (for 100g):
  • 20g of protein
  • 50g of carbs
  • 11g of fat