Friday, 12 October 2012

Cannondale Trail SL 29ER 3 SS photos

I popped into my local bike shop expecting to only be ordering some new tyres, when lo and behold my new bike catches my eye. It wasn't meant to be in for another week, but there it was.

Boy I was excited! Most of the Thomson equipment had turned up too, except the new Thomson handlebars. They're arriving in the UK next week - there's not stock in the UK, so I might even get one of the first pairs (let's hope they did their quality control!).

So here's a few pics to share. I know when I go to buy a new bike and specifically a single speed, I want to know the exact specs and to check out wheel configurations etc. Whilst these pics aren't great, they do show the bike off in different angles from the usual PR shots.

Also a note on weight and balance. It's light, but not road bike light. I wasn't that impressed. But the balance of the weight across the bike was good. Little heavier at the back, but it did feel a lot more balanced than, well most, front suspension bikes. I liked that. Not sure what benefits it will bring to the ride, but I'll find that out soon.

And it does come with a pair of Cannondale branded flat pedals.

Looking down on the rear wheel. Clearly for those hoping it was a standard wheel so they could easily modify it will be disappointed. This is a single speed specific wheel. Horrible cable brakes, but they do work.Side view of the bike. Note that this is a medium. It looks tiny. The seat post will need to be raised quite a bit to get it just right. I also went for a 75mm stem and I'm wondering whether that might be a little too short for the medium. I'll find out soon enough. An initial ride for literally no more than a minute felt pretty good though.
Straight on the bike looks weird. I wasn't expecting such a gap at the top of the fork, but it does mean in muddy conditions you won't have to worry about clearance. It's a lovely fork too and the headtube looks great as well. My expectations of an 'ugly' and over-sized meeting of the frame and work was completely unfounded. I rather liked it.

Can't wait to use it in anger.