Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New training programme: achieving the awesome

The horse stance (not me)
My personal trainer and good friend in no uncertain words said that if I continue along my current training path I will achieve more, but I will never reach my potential.

Strong words, but readily understood and now accepted.

I've spent so much time abusing my body by not stretching that it's affected my posture and my ability to complete even the most basic of moves. For example, I always thought I was good at squats, but even a simple front squat is near impossible for me to complete in perfect form because my hip flexors are so tight. When I tried the same technique with the use of a swiss ball against a wall I felt like I was going to fall forward.

Clearly things need to change and that thing is me.

This does mean that my 5k goal might not happen or I may not complete my ultra marathon this year, but if I change now for the better it means next years goal will be easier to attain.

Here's some of the exercises I need to be performing over the next month:

  • Cable rotations
  • Planks
  • Side planks with rotations
  • Horse stacnce oppostive palm and knee raises

Hip flexors

  • Raised reverse lunge (front foot is high)
  • Stretch hip flexors, lots


  • Lat pull downs
  • Side shoulder raises

  • Take 15 minutes every day to stretch
There's still more exercises to come, but for once I'm not ready to attempt them. Feels odd.