Sunday, 11 November 2012

If transporting a bike by car, watch out for the exhaust

What a car exhaust will do to an inner tube
I found out the hard way, but whenever you're transporting a bike on the back of a car, make sure the wheel, or in fact any part of the bike, is not directly over the exhaust. It's common sense really, but something I missed today.

What happened in my case is that I secured the wheel so that it wouldn't rotate and the very bottom of the wheel was directly over the exhaust. The tire pressure was quite high, about 50psi and with the tire not able to move, the above picture is what greeted when after a 20 minute car journey.

It's never happened to me before, but because this was the first time I was moving a 29er bike with much larger wheels and on my small MINI, it just wasn't to be.

Next time I'll be taking the wheel off and putting it in back of the car. Worth thinking about if you're putting a new bike on the back of your car too.