Monday, 14 January 2013

Twisted ankle and ultra-marathon hopes

Can you believe it?

This is the good photo, it's now much worse.
Also, my toes look really weird.
I was running in the pitch black for 2 hours without a light source and did I have any trouble? No.
I was running hills on and off road in wet conditions and did I have any trouble? No.
I was demonstrating a simple running technique to a new running friend, who thinks I'm awesome at running and did I have any trouble, well of course I did. I must have killed someone's mother with the family cat in a previous life to get this kind of Karma.

It's pretty bad and pretty purple too

Naturally when you twist / sprain your ankle, it's customary to grin and bear it (I'm British and I was with a pretty woman) and of course I continued to run another 5km. Smart huh?

So now it's swollen, it's purple, it's green and it hurts. Not a problem, I can rest up and it will heal and I'll be back up and running in no time.

But I was hoping to run a marathon and then an ultra-marathon

"I don't care" came the categorical response from the angel on my shoulder, "you shouldn't have ran the extra 5km and you certainly shouldn't risk any more damage to your ankle with an attempt at running a marathon, which I might add you haven't ran that distance in over 10 months".

For once the demon on the other shoulder agreed.

I was stupid for running the extra distance and I was stupid for thinking it would be OK. Take care of your feet, they're the only things that will keep you running.

Tips for when you sprain your ankle

  • Don't continue to run or walk on it
  • Rest it, ice it, compress it and elevate it (RICE)
  • Visit a doctor if the pain still continues, if your ankle or foot is at a funny angle or if you're worried (better to be safe than sorry)
  • Don't attempt any exercise
I wish I had followed my only advice more strictly. I don't think I would have been running the marathon, but I wouldn't be hobbling around or missing those training runs with the pretty woman :-)