Saturday, 25 May 2013

My Eccentric Bottom Bracket (EBB) slipped and it's my own damn fault

Put simply, I didn't follow some advice I'd been given. I'd added a very thin, I mean oh so very thin, layer of grease to the EBB shell before re-inserting the EBB on my Cannondale 29er trail and I paid for it.

I was 10km out on the trails and then my chain slipped. "Odd" I thought, but put it down to wet conditions and technical terrain requiring me to put a lot of torque through the cranks.

It happened again after a few km and then again and again and then it quite quickly got to the point that any level of high torque caused the chain to slip. So no more riding up hills for me and definitely no more trail riding either. Still, it was nice weather for a walk back to the car.

So what caused the EBB to slip?

Quite simply, I had added some grease in the shell and that was all that was needed for the EBB to move. So in future, I won't be adding any grease to the shell. Well in fact, in future I will be buying a Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket and leaving the Cannondale version behind AND I won't be putting any grease in the shell. I've learnt my lesson, you should learn it too before it ruins any of your riding.

Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket

This is how much grease I had added to the EBB shell. Trust me, don't add anything. Clean the shell so it shines and leave it at that.

Hope this post helps someone.