Monday, 17 November 2014

Cannondale Fat Bike teaser photo

Since I first saw an On-One Fat Bike, the 'Fun Fatty', I knew that I'd want a Fatty of my own. They look a lot of fun and hopefully will open up a different dimension to old trails and new ones too. But I'm also a brand-lover and Cannondale currently has my fancy, and so for the past year I've been scouring the web, press releases and forums to track down any rumours or at best a pic.

Typically, what I should have done was to follow RideCannondale's official Instagram account and check out this pic they posted in September 2014. Click the image for the full size version or click the link above to see it on their Instagram.

Cannondale Fat Bike

There's not much to go on, as clearly this is just a teaser, but what I can see is that:
  • It's a confirmed Cannondale Fatty
  • It's using a Lefty
  • It's a hardtail
  • It's using wide rims and tires (not just a 29+)
  • It's running a 1x drive train
  • Cables are full outers from shifter to mech
  • The spec suggests a light weight build
  • It looks awesome to me
  • It's probably not going to be cheap

Cannondale Fatty

It would be a shame not to use the moniker 'Fatty' as a name for it, as they do for their brand of rigid forks. I also do hope that they offer a rigid version with a Fatty fork to help reduce the price, as Lefty's aren't cheap.

I'll keep my eye out for more news and will share when I see something exciting, but thus far, I'm pretty excited!