Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Thomson Dropper post UK service and warranty centre

I Googled and Googled trying to find the UK service centre for my Thomson post and I couldn't find anything. I gave the importers, i-ride a go and turns out they're both the service and warranty centre. They just don't make it very obvious at times.

So, if you need to service your Thomson dropper post or have a warranty claim, as I recently have, then you need to speak to the people at i-ride.

Contact them by email or phone: 01444 243 000 and 01444 870 370.

Warranty claims can take around 4 weeks, so do be prepared to use a spare post or not ride for a little while. For smaller jobs, you can generally chase them and they'll try and put it to the front of the queue.

Hope this helps someone.