Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The two parts you need to convert a Chris King ISO hub from 9mm to 15mm

To convert a Chris King ISO SD front hub from 9mm to a 15mm you need the two following items form Chris King.

In a later blog post I'll show you how to make the conversion.

Hopefully this will help someone. I'd have appreciated this when Googling for the answer!

  1. Chris King Front Axle 15mm for Small Diameter ISO Disc Hubs
    Product number: PHB324
  2. Chris King Low Profile Adjusting Collar for Small Diameter Front ISO
    Product number: PHB702
NB: These items will not work with the "LD" or Large Diameter ISO hub, which is the 20mm variant of the Chris King ISO hub.

You can view these parts and everything Chris King over on their website.