Sunday, 14 February 2016

Can you convert a 135 mm Chris King single speed hub to 142? Yes!

142x12mm Rear ISO SS Thru Axle
If, like me, you've spent good money on a Chris King Single Speed rear hub you've probably found that you've been limited to frames with 135mm rear hub spacing.

However, new frames, like the Niner ROS 9 (which is next on my shopping list!) only come in 142 x 12 spacing. Fortunately for us the chaps at Chris King have realised that 142 is now the default premium mountain bike frame spacing and they're now offering a suitable conversion kit.

Beware! There are two conversion kits

There's the original 142 conversion kit, but it's NOT compatible with your 135 spacing Single Speed hub.

How to convert the hub

In time I fully expect to make the upgrade myself and will post a how-to guide, but if it's anything like how easy it is to convert a Chris King front hub, then it should be a straight forward affair.

Hope this helps someone.