Tuesday, 28 February 2012

March 4 is ages away, surely

For some reason I decided to book myself into a 60 mile sportive for March 4. Of course I thought March 4 was ages away. Apparently my calendar tells me it's this weekend.

The longest I've ever ridden was 38 miles and I was pretty shattered after that. I guess I'm going to have to make sure I keep my energy levels up on this one. Keep hydrated too.

I'm liking the idea of it though. 60 miles. 4 miles more than the half Ironman I'm hoping to complete.

I'm also keen to capitalise on my interest in cycling again and making sure that I take whatever opportunities that come my way and saying 'yes' more.

I even sent an enquiry email to a local triathlon club. Things could be changing for me quite a bit in the near future. Either I'll sink or I'll swim. Can't wait to find out either way.

More info on the Triathlon Show Sportive (TCR) 3rd & 4th March 2012 ride.